Friday, January 21, 2011

Goodilocks from Philippines

Those who visited Philippines sure know what is the items to bring back home. Yes, its their dried 7D mango. The 7D dried mango is not too sweet or too dry it is just perfect. However this product is suitable for those who like sour product. I found another items which is quite delicious from Philippines. Its their polvoron (a kind of heavy, soft and crumbly shortbread).

The famous brand for polvoron is Goldilocks. You can get this brand nearly every corner in Makati, Manila. They not only produce polvoron but also quite a variety of bread and cakes and some of the outlets even functions as a cafe. Their bread and cakes are quite good too.

Taste:8/10(Delicious polvoron. Sweet shortbread).
Price:Each polvoron cost around 104 Peso - 174 Peso depends on flavour).

Cashew polvoron.

Pinipig (rice crisp) polvoron. Not pig of course.

Classic polvoron which has a strong milky taste.

This is how it look like when unpacked.

Cheese bun.

Delicious moist chocolate cake.

One of the Goldilocks outlet in Makati.


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