Friday, February 25, 2011

Ngong Ping 360 @ Lantau Island, Hong Kong

Ngong Ping is a village with the world's tallest outdoor seated bronze Buddha (Tian Tan) and Po Lin Monastery. This place can be reached by bus & cable car. Of course nothing beat the great scenery view from the cable car. On that day, I actually arrive here to take cable car on 9am. But they only open at 10am. With one hour time to spare, we went to Disneyland MRT station and the entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland for photo session.

Giant Buddha visit.

Waiting in queue to buy tickets. They offers many kind of packages. You don't need tour to enjoy Ngong Ping. Just a cable car ticket will do. From Ngong Ping, you able to take bus no 21 to Tai O fishing village. If I not mistaken the bus fare is just around HKD8.00.

Long queue to take the cable car. The cable car is quite frequent so the waiting time is not too bad. Everything is so efficient.

We took the Crystal cable car. The bottom of cable car can see thru. The price is just RM20 difference compared to the normal cable car.

Not recommended for those who scare of height and water.

Airport view from the cable car.

Almost the giant Buddha site.

Many people on that day.

This stair is easier to climb compared to the one in Batu Caves, Malaysia. The number of steps is lesser and the stair is wider. Not too difficult.

Nice view from the top.

The statue is huge.

Great view of Giant Buddha from a far.

Its time to go back now. My ticket for the cable car ride.

Another scenic view from cable car.

Heading back to Hong Kong. High rise building, hill & cable car. Good combination for scenic view.

Coordinate/GPS: 22.290174,113.938709
Metro: Tung Chung station.


  1. Aiseh. Why you don;t take bus when go down le?

  2. Nice post, with great information and photos :) And very happy to hear that the steps are easier than the Batu caves!

  3. Hi, hope that you able to find your way there. Yes, the stairs are easier to climb compared to Batu Caves.



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