Thursday, February 24, 2011

Travel to Hong Kong by Malaysia Airlines & Cathay Pacific

It has been a while that I didn't update my blog. I traveled to Hong Kong recently and I will now talk about the airlines itself. I have tried Malaysia Airlines when I going to Hong Kong from KLIA and return from Hong Kong via Cathay Pacific. I traveled on their morning flight on both airlines. I found that the food taste & quality on Malaysia Airlines is better compared to Cathay Pacific. In term of cabin service, Malaysia Airlines is still better. As of plane configuration, my both flight is on Boeing 777-200. I found that in Cathay Pacific plane, there are less toilet rooms compared to what Malaysia Airlines have. You may see the meal comparison below:

Malaysia Airlines:

Set meal 1. Egg omelette with sausage, mushroom, fried mash potato & green peas.

Set meal 2. Nasi lemak with prawn & anchovies sambal (chili paste).

Extra ice-cream as dessert. Mini Magnum.

Cathay Pacific:

Entertainment system.

Inside plane environment.

Whole set meal.

Fruit slice.

Fish with rice.

Which one is better? Depends on what you are looking for.
Food: Malaysia Airlines.
Entertainment system: Cathay Pacific
Aircraft seating: Malaysia Airlines
Staff service: Malaysia Airlines


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