Saturday, May 21, 2011

Around Hong Kong Central

Another entry from my backlog trip. Central Hong Kong is the center of shopping, entertainment and nightlife. Packed with busy street and life, this area houses many multinational companies headquarters and it is the financial centre of Hong Kong. For tourist, this is the place where you can find many International branded items and visit to a few historical building located near the area.

Huge Coach outlet. Anyway, Coach in Hong Kong is not cheap.

Lan Kwai Fung. Night life, bars & pubs area. Famous for celebrities sightings.

This mid-level escalator is never ending. So long! No wonder this is the longest escalator in the world!

Looking for directions? Don't worry. Hong Kong are tourist friendly. They have signboard nearly everywhere.

Unique tram with varieties of advertisement.

View near IFC.

Going up to The Peak? Why not take a bus? Taking tram, you have to go thru the long queue.


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