Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sri Choon Keng Restaurant @ Pandamaran, Klang

Sri Choon Keng is one of the oldest operating restaurant left in Pandamaran. Had been operating for 32 years since 1978. It become famous as this restaurant is visited by Prime Minister of Malaysia during the Chinese New Year national level open house in Pandamaran back in year 2009. I am quite frequent to this restaurant and I like their curry seafood noodles & mee hun kueh. For those who don't know the way, it is just located behind the famous Mo Shan Kor bak kut teh (Pandamaran branch) stall.

Taste:8/10(Delicious. The main items to order includes curry seafood noodles, mee hun kueh & fried yam pork).
Price:6/10(Moderate. A pot of curry seafood noodles: MYR 15.00, mee hun kueh: MYR6.00 & stir-fry sweet potato leaves: MYR7.00).

Hot, fatty & delicious curry seafood noodles. Lots of prawn & scallops. The prawn & scallops are fresh.

The curry seafood noodles is still boiling in the pot.

Sliced noodles in anchovies broth. Good.

Yummy, sliced noodles aka mee hun kueh. It comes with some vegetables.

Ambra drink. Very sour drink which makes you change your face!

Seafood noodles, mee hun kueh (sliced noodles) in anchovies broth & stir fry sweet potato leaves.

GPS/Coordinate: 3.010324, 101.417133
Address: 111, Jln Jagong, Pandamaran New Village, 41000 Port Klang, Selangor, Malaysia.


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