Sunday, August 28, 2011

Titbits from Bangkok

With the limited time that I have, I just shop around Paragon to look for titbits to bring back home. The price here is of course more expensive, but since I have limited time, its a good choice. The snacks turns out to be quite good too.

Durian chips. Fresh durian is better. However this snack is suitable for those who scare the strong smell of durian.

Another version of Thai dodol (this dessert is made from coconut milk and sugar. It needs to be stirred for few hours to become this delicacies). Its sweet and dry because the moisture is suck by the bamboo which wrap the delicacy.

Porntip pork spicy meat floss. The taste is amazing good.

This is even better. Porntip Crispy pork slices. The crispness is out of this world. If you don't know this item and don't think about fat, you sure will love it!


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