Saturday, September 17, 2011

Amtrak Train from Los Angeles to San Diego

This mark the start of my journey as solo traveller to the other two destinations: San Diego & New York City. I went to San Diego by taking the Pacific Surfliner Amtrak train from Los Angeles Union Station. By taking this train, you are able to view the seaside between Los Angeles & San Diego. I also found out that this train also heading to the Anaheim DisneyLand. No wonder there is many family and kids. The train tracks is very near to the sea and on certain location, it is just around few metres between! The ticket cost me USD36 and the journey took 2 hours and 50 minutes.

This is my first time trying Amtrak service and they already given me a bad impression on the service. My train was delayed for 1 hour. Some more, all the passengers have to queue up on the gate and we all have to stand for additional 1 hour. The whole process and system is different compared to their efficient subway service.

Each seats have a power plug.

A wide selection of menu. But there is not push truck on the cabin. If passenger wants to eat, they have to go to the second cabin to buy from Seaview Cafe there.

Buena Park station.

Fullerton station.

Finally the Seaview cafe opens after passing Fullerton station. I brought a sandwich and muffin as lunch :-)

First view of the sea.

Wildlife beside the sea.

Many lifeguard booth beside the sea.

That is how near the train to the sea. That sea is actually Pacific Ocean.

Finally, I reached San Diego.

Coordinate/GPS: 34.056073,-118.23654
Metro: Union Station in Los Angeles.


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