Wednesday, September 21, 2011

High Line Park @ Chelsea, New York

New Yorkers are very creative in changing something which is abandon to something useful to the society. The city turns an abandon railway into an elevated public park which have nice view over the city. The land here is so expensive so its wise idea to convert abandon area into something useful to the public. Besides that, the park also contribute to the real estate development around the surrounding area. The parks is currently runs from Gansevoort Street, one block below West 12th Street, in the Meatpacking District, up to 30th Street, through the neighborhood of Chelsea to the West Side Yard. It shares some of the similarity with the Promenade Plantée in Paris.

When I was there, there is some charity event going on in the park. This indirectly make the society more aware of their neighbourhood and make them feel responsible towards each other.

Modern looking building around.

High Line Park.

Offers great view of New York especially older parts of New York City.

Meat packing district.

The shallow water create some of the effect of the chair being on top of the pool.

Plant, grass & bushes.

Wow, elevated car park.

Access map to the park. There is several stairs entry point leading to the park.

Some charity event going on here.

Some art work.

The High Line park is above the road. Very creative.

Write up about New York High Line park.

GPS/Coordinate: 40.747862, -74.004733
Address: 23rd Street Station on New York subway on line C or E.


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