Monday, September 19, 2011

Jetblue flight from San Diego to New York City

After visiting San Diego for 3 days, its time to leave this beautiful place and head to the largest city in the US. To go to New York from San Diego, I must take a six hours flight. To save time, I choose to travel on midnight in order to save one day of hotel accommodation. Besides that, the airline that I choose, have some freebies if I take their midnight flight also known as red eye flight. The freebies that I meant is their Snooze Kit. It looks cute :-) The flight experience is good and I got good snacks from them. The flight stewardess is helpful enough to provide drinks and snacks that I want. Its amazing that they give hot tissue towel as well to their passenger when near arrival.

Antique clock decoration in San Diego airport. On the way to departure hall.

On board Jetblue plane. This is airbus A320. They claims that their seat pitch is bigger compared to their competitors.

Branded snacks and snooze kit (eye mask and ear plug). I requested their Quaker Blackberry Pomegranate cracker. Quite good though. And apple juice. Its good that they give the whole original bottle. Most airlines, will open and pour in to a cup.

Requested second round of snack after wake up from sleep. Very good Pop Corners. I like it.

The menu.

The television channel is outstanding. They have 35 free channel to watch!

Crossing United States.

Reaching JFK airport. Time to collect my luggage.

Waiting for bus to go directly to Manhattan. I found out taking this bus is more convenient and compared to taking their subway. If you have many things to carry, don't consider subway. The stairs on the subway are small, dark, hot and smelly.


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