Friday, September 23, 2011

Delicious pastrami at Katz Delicatessen @ New York

Katz's Delicatessen is a kosher-style restaurant and iconic Jewish restaurant. They are famous for pastrami, salami, hot dogs, bagel & corned beef. This restaurant has a unique ticketing system. As each customer enters Katz's they are handed a printed, numbered ticket by the door attendant. As you receive the food from various stations in the restaurant, the employee will write on the ticket. Be careful to take care of your ticket as they will charge lost ticket if you lost it. Although it was my first time tried on their pastrami, it was delicious. I even come back on the next day to try on their cold cut salami which taste not too bad but just because I don't like cold and raw stuff. Coincidently, this restaurant is quite near to my hotel on Bowery Street. So I can walk there for my two breakfast. A bit of history, during world war II, Katz encourage parents to "send a salami to your boy in the army" as salami is easy to pack, last long and it contain meat nutrition.

Taste:8/10(Good. Delicious pastrami, great cucumber & good hot chocolate. Their fries however is just on the par. Salami is full of meat goodness.
Price:5/10(Near expensive. Make sure to prepare to spend around USD12-15 per meal here. I am able to skip my lunch by having breakfast here. The portion is quite huge).

Look up for this restaurant from the address below.

As you go in, you may look at the menu on top of each station.

This is what I ordered. Pastrami omelette.

Well done pastrami.

Wow. I missed this pickled cucumber.


My day two meal. Cold cut salami sandwich with baby cucumber.

The amount of salami is a lot. I take away to eat it in plane back to KL!

This restaurant is very old and has a lot of history. Established since 1888 and was a filming venue for "When Harry met Sally" comedy movie.

Numerous of stars and famous people visited this restaurant.

Katz ticketing system. Its time to go and pay the bill.

GPS/Coordinate: 40.722325, -73.987335
Address: 205 E. Houston Street, Manhattan, New York 10002, United States.
Public transport: 2 Avenue station (J line) or Delancey St station (J line) or Essex St station (J,M or Z line) on New York Subway.


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