Sunday, September 18, 2011

La Jolla Cove @ San Diego

La Jolla located in San Diego is a hilly seaside resort. It is known to have the highest house prices in the USA. The average price of the house here is USD 2 million. The place is beautiful, clean and windy. There is also variety of wildlife such as sea lion and sea birds on sight. This place seems famous for kayaking, scuba diving & snorkelling. To come here, you must take Bus route 30 (Downtown-UTC/VA Med ctr). Make sure you stop at Silverado Street and walk along Girard Avenue heading to the sea. During weekend, the bus only operates from Old Town Transit centre.

Beautiful coconut trees.

Its colourful. Green grass, brown cliff & blue ocean.

Shop and houses beside the sea.

Green field.

Sea wild life.

Sea lion.

Sea birds.

People kayaking. The water must be cold.

The water current here is quite strong. Comparable to the one in Bali, Indonesia.

Nice view and refreshing walk along the path.

Full with wild life. The animals here are protected by law.

Using my long lens to capture this bird.

Stay back, its dangerous.

GPS/Coordinate: 32.850026, -117.272404


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