Sunday, October 2, 2011

Central Park @ New York

Central Park which is located at the north of Manhattan, received around 25 million visitors a year. This is one of the major attraction which tourist around the world come to visit New York City. The park itself is very clean and full of trees. The landscape is also beautiful and good walking path. The view on the park is different as it passes each season of the year. Being a mega city, New York still able to give out such a large piece of land as public park. The last size is accounted to almost 25% of New York City area. Its so huge until its easily to get lost inside. This proves that the city well being is at higher priority than infrastructure development. Another development in the city is that the park and subway is always well known as crime scene in the 1980s but now there is hardly any crime on the park. They even have special enforcement patrol on the park which also help in reducing the crime rate.

Basically you have so many types of activities in the park as it has green area, water pond, lake, sculptures, playground, zoo & open space for concert. Besides that, The Metropolitan Museum of Art is also located within the Central Park compound.

Imagine square in the park.

Maple leaf.

Central Park map. The park is huge. Be prepared to get lost.

The view in the park.

Building view from the park.

Bridge in the park.

How to get there:
N, R, W Trains:
Located at 59th street
2, 3 Trains:
Located at Central Park North/110th street
B, C Trains:
Located at 110th street, 103rd street, 96th street, 86th street, 81st street, and 72nd street
A, B, C, D, 1 Trains:
Located at 59th street/Columbus Circle


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