Thursday, October 20, 2011

Greenwich Village @ New York City

Greenwich village is a large residential neighbourly on the west side of Lower Manhattan of New York City. Most parts of Greenwich Village comprise mid-rise apartments, 19th-century row houses and the occasional one-family walk-up, a sharp contrast to the hi-rise landscape in Mid and Downtown Manhattan. Greenwich Village was distinguished from the upper-class neighborhood of Washington Square based on the major landmark Washington Square Park. Greenwich Village is home to New York University, which owns large sections of the area and most of the buildings around Washington Square Park. To the north is the campus of The New School, which is houses in several buildings that are considered historical landmarks because of their innovative architecture. I like the architecture here as it always shown in movies featuring Manhattan. If you like sightseeing with culture & architectural, you will certainly like this place!

Gay street.

The buildings on Gay street.

Beautiful plant on Gay street residence.

The first clinic in Greenwich village.

Trademark of New York City buildings. As you see the stairs in movies.

Christopher park. In the 1970s, Christopher Street became the "Main Street" of gay New York. Large numbers of gay men would promenade its length at seemingly all hours. Gay bars and stores selling leather fetish clothing and artistic decorative items flourished at that time. This changed dramatically with the loss of many gay men during the AIDS epidemic in the 1980s.

Gay Liberation sculpture by George Segal.

The smallest private property.

Home of celebrities. Including Carrie Bradshaw residence on Perry street.

Very nice and classic gardens around the house entrance.

A small court house.

Bedford street.

Just lift the cover to call police or fireman.

A delightful amount of sweets.

So much sweets and its delicious.

Famous Comedy Cellar where Jerry Seinfeld performed. It is the best comedy club in New York based on New York Post rating.

Washington Square Park. Just like in Paris.

Washington Square is famous for people playing chess game.

You may access Greenwich Village via subway stations below:
-Union Sqaure 14st-N,Q,R
-Union Square 14st-L
-Union Square 14st-4,5,6,6X
-W 4th Street Station-A,B,C,D,E,F,M


  1. why you don't challenge them for a game of chess le?

  2. Challenge stranger. If lose they make you take down your pant then how? Hehe...



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