Saturday, October 8, 2011

World Famous San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo is among the most famous zoo in the world due to its extensive research on animals, abundance species in the zoo compound, home to 2 giant pandas, polar bears and Skyfari which is a cable car to look the thru the zoo from the sky. This was featured in Madagascar animation movie where a group of animals thinking that they were in San Diego Zoo in California. Being located in San Diego, this zoon don't suffer much of weather change as this area is always hot and dry. Even during winter, the temperature seldom drop below 10 C. Initially, I was thinking whether I want to go to the zoo as the entrance fee is quite steep. At USD40 for a daily pass, it was my most expensive entrance fee for my USA trip. However considering the huge number of animals that they have and the ability to view the giant pandas in action, I finally decided to enter the zoo. Plus, there not many zoo in the world which have cable car on top of the zoo. Anyway, I am quite satisfied with the animal display here as all the animals were well breed and almost 75% open concept. On the giraffe display, the animal is so near to the visitor. As a rule of thumb, please allow three hours to visit this zoo.

San Diego Zoo.

My ticket.

Koala bear.



Fossil sample.

Skyfari cable car. You can take as many times that you want and its included in your entrance ticket.

Bus around the zoo. Its included in your entrance ticket.

Polar bear.

Red panda.

The cute giant panda.


Me with panda souvenir.

Balboa Park, San Diego, California, USA

Take the trolley to City college station. Then take bus route 7 to Balboa Park. The zoo is located within Balboa Park area. Press the bell when approaching the zoo.


  1. oi. you got visit your own zoo negara or not one?

  2. Maybe more than 20 years ago :-)
    Are they good now?



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