Thursday, May 3, 2012

Flora Holland flower market @ Aalsmeer, Netherlands

Flora Holland Flower Auction is a flower auction, located in Aalsmeer, the Netherlands. It is the largest flower auction in the world. The auction building of the flower auction in Aalsmeer. Flowers from all over the world are traded on a daily basis at the Aalsmeer facilities. Around 20 million flowers are sold daily with an increase around special days such as Valentine's Day and Mothers day.

Auction weekday morning from 6.30am but can only enter at 7.30am. Largest flower auction in the world. Catch a bus in front of Centraal Station, near the Victoria Hotel. You'll want bus 172, which will take you straight to the flower auction's door. Head to the catwalk. High above the main flower market floor is a walkway for visitors, which gives you a bird's-eye view of the floral goings-on. Below are thousands of carts loaded with buckets of every flower imaginable.

Flora Holland provides the needed logistics. From all parts of the world, large batches, with hundreds of thousands of units of one variety are brought to auction. Exporters then take these flowers and plants, divided into smaller batches and combined with countless other varieties , from the Netherlands to anywhere in the world. Every retailer, exporter or wholesaler acquires exactly the flowers and plants they want.

Bird's eye view of flowers.

As you can see, its huge.

Variety of flowers.

The flower view from near. Many varieties of flowers. Some are same variety but different quality.

Computerize system for flower auction.

I was late on that day and the auction already ended. No chance to see the flower auction in action. Please be here latest by 9.30am to view the auction.

The floor walk way to view the flower transport action from top.

Flower in the room to determine the quality and grade.

Entrance fee: EUR5.00.
Address: Legmeerdijk 313, 1430 BA Aalsmeer, The Netherlands.
Transport: Bus 172 from Amsterdam Centraal. Around 30 minutes ride. Bus fee at EUR4.50.
Coordinate/GPS: 52.260278,4.78446


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