Saturday, May 5, 2012

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery @ Paris

When I told my friends that I visited Pere-Lachaise Cemetery as part of my Paris trip they mentioned to me that "don't you feel creepy and scary visiting such place?". Most of the people gives don't quite agree to visit this place. But for me, visiting this cemetery is quite worth while and the way to know French life and how they appreciate the dead. The tomb shape is quite unique and this cemetery is very well maintained and become one of the top tourist attraction in Paris. Do you know that this cemetery is the most visited cemetery in the world and it also a site of three World War 1 memorial.

Père Lachaise is still an operating cemetery and accepting new burials. However, the rules to be buried in a Paris cemetery are rather strict and only for people who die in the French capital city or if they lived there. Its difficult to get buried in Pere-Lachaise nowadays as there is a waiting list and very few plots are available. The gravesites at Père Lachaise range from a simple, unadorned headstone to towering monuments and even elaborate mini chapels dedicated to the memory of a well-known person or family. A lot of the tombs are about the size and shape of a phone booth, with just enough space for a mourner to step inside, kneel to say a prayer, and leave some flowers.

According to official website of the city of Paris, to date, one million people have been buried there.


Cone shaped tomb.

Mini chapel tomb.

Each section of the cemetery is divided by division.


Tomb for whole family members.

This place is hilly.

Phone booth tomb.

Normal grave.

Pyramid shaped tomb.

Towering monument.

Metro Station: The Paris Métro station Philippe Auguste on line 2 is next to the main entrance, while the station called Père Lachaise, on both lines 2 and 3, is 500 metres away near a side entrance. Many tourists prefer the Gambetta station on line 3, as it allows them to enter near the tomb of Oscar Wilde and then walk downhill to visit the rest of the cemetery.
Address: Boulevard de Ménilmontant.
Coordinate: 48.859802,2.3909


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