Friday, August 3, 2012

Home stay @ Alexandria, Virginia (Washington DC)

Never in my life that I took such a long journey to reach a particular destination. My trip from Kuala Lumpur to Washington DC took me almost 32 hours. From Kuala Lumpur to Los Angeles took me 19 hours, layover in Los Angeles airport for 7 hours and another 6 hours journey to Washington DC. When I reached my host house, I feel so nice that I finally reach Washington DC.

This is my first time that I try out home stay concept for my travelling. I am able to try it this time as I have time to contact the house owner to have the arrangement. Before this I don't have chance to secure home stay due to my last minute trip nature. The main motivation for me to try home stay in Washington DC is due to high hotel prices. The hotel price is just crazy over here. A single room will cost at least MYR400 (USD130) per night! By home stay, I only need to spend MYR180 (USD58) per night and I would say that I get better room plus its super clean. Some more with Netflix subscription. The room is clean, comfortable and spacious. WIFI is fast and stable as well. The host is so nice that he prepare fresh home made cookie for me. The house is clean and I am the house has filter as well so that I don't need to purchase water.

Staying in is awesome. Its more awesome if your flight departs or arrive at Ronald Reagan Airport this place is just a metro station away. The old town of Alexandria and King Street is just 10 minutes walking distance away. Its a great location for holiday maker and quite easy to get to the National Mall or shopping in Pentagon City. The house also have maps, brochure on DC and guides on travelling in DC or Alexandria.

Finally reach host house. Classic rite?

The kitchen. Breakfast cereals are provided at the top of the fridge.

If you want to cook, you can use the cooker as well.

Very comfy bed.

With Netflix and Roku.

*Please let me know if you would like to book this home stay :-)


  1. I'm interested by this homestay. can I have the contact please. you can join me @

  2. Please check out at



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