Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Useful over the counter medicine from Japan pharmacies

One of the those shops that tourist going to visit while visiting Japan is pharmacy or drug store. You can see many of the international tourists especially from China, will buy a lot of Japanese traditional medicine back home. According to them these medicine are cheap in Japan and its effective. As Japanese Yen continue to fall, it become more affordable to purchase Japanese over the counter medicine than ever before. Below is a few medicine which is recommended to buy as home remedy.

Roihi Tsuboko pain patch

Small patch but efficiently working. This is for all kinds of muscle ache. Easy to use. If you have joint pain, neck pain, back pain or fatigue, you may stick three or four patches as a group to the affected area. The effect is quick and effective.

Ingredient, what does it for and how to use the product.

Rohto Z! Eye Drop

This is among the most refreshing eye drop in the market. This is considered as the most refreshing eye drop in the market with level 8. When you use this eye drop, you will feel your eye burning with intense pain like you pour very minty liquid in them. You may think that your eye going to have problem soon. But after 30 seconds, the pain subsides and when you open your eye, you will feel refresh with different kind of experience. The eye feel fresh and minty. Not like other eyedrops in the market, Rohto eye drops does refresh and wake up your lazy eyes. You can only understand the cool minty feeling when you tried this eye drops. You should try this eye drop when you visit Japan next time.

Cute square bottle.

Micron Gold A powder for cold and cough from Taisho Pharmaceutical Co

The Micron Gold A powder has been used in Japan for centuries. It is easy to use and it is effective against cold and cough. Please be warned that the powder taste is awful but its effective. Good for cough, sore throat, flu, runny nose, nasal congestion, joint pain, muscle pain, fever and to reduce phlegm.

For those who able to read Japanese kanji, you may read the ingredient in this medicine.

The label shown the amount required for each age range and what does the medicine effective for.

Skin inflammation liquid by Muhi

This skin inflammation liquid by Muhi is good during summer as many will sweat a lot which will cause prickly heat or rash. This liquid is also good against itching, pain, swelling. The bottle is easy to use with curved blue sponge. Just apply gently on the affected area of skin.

Ingredient and indication of Muhi liquid.

Ohta's Isan stomach discomfort medicine(Antacid)

This is Japanese famous stomach medicine to cure stomach discomfort due to too much eating. This medicine act as antacid which neutralize the acid in stomach. This is one of the essential drug for stomach discomfort. Inside, it is individually packed so it is easy to carry around.

This antacid at least have English instruction and ingredient listed. As you can see, most of the ingredient in Ohta's Isan are natural.

Japanese version of ingredient and instruction.

Asada throat sugar tablet

This medicine good for sore throat and cough. Produced by Taisho, this sugar tablet contains for effective herbs to relief persistent cough, phlegm and sore throat

Ingredient of Asada throat sugar tablet.

Cold, cough and fever medicine

This is one of the effective medicine against cold, cough and fever. However, please use with caution for those who are allergic to ibuprofen.

Ingredient and indication for those who understand Japanese.

Where to get it?
Pharmacies or drug stores around Japan. The easiest would be to get it from Matsumoto Kiyoshi. The pharmacy chain have the distinctive yellow signboard with bright light inside their stores.


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