Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Quanjude roast duck @ Beijing, China

Quanjude is a famous roast duck chain in Beijing, China. They are founded in 1864 and their restaurants are visited by government official and leaders. The duck were hung and roasted inside an open oven. Qunjude also provide roasted duck to the athletes during the Beijing olympic games in year 2008.

Taste:7/10(Moderate. The duck does not have the smoke or spices smell which roasted duck should have. The taste very dependent on the condiment provided which is the sweet sauce and the pancakes. The skins however is good with oil which melts in your mouth. Basically the tastiest part of the duck is the skins).
Price:4/10(Expensive. I ordered half duck for myself at RMB118. Do take note that you only eat the best part of the duck and not the half whole duck).

Come early to avoid the crowd. You need to queue up and get number to get in there.

The restaurant is quite busy.

My table settings.

Chef preparing and slice roasted duck.

The roasted duck is freshly prepared and sliced.

The chef carefully slice the meat.

Crepe for wrapping and eat with roast duck.

The best part of the roast duck is not the meat. But this 4 pieces of skins which is full of fat which melts in your mouth.

This is the roast duck that you should expect from here. You won't eat the whole duck with bones but the chef only slice the best part for serving. Fatty and moist meat.

Sweet sauce and celery for seasoning.

Put the duck meat, sweet sauce and celery. Wrap everything together and eat it. You will taste the good taste of the duck meat together with the sweet sauce and celery.

Duck head also given.

The remaining bone is not just thrown away. They will prepare soup for you.

Quanjude mascot.

Me at Quanjude roast duck outlet in Wangfujing.

GPS/Coordinate: 39.912131, 116.411810
Address: 13 Shuaifuyuan Lu, Wangfujing, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China.
Public transport: Wangfujing station on Beijing metro.


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