Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Turnagain Arm Drive of Cook Inlet @ Alaska

During my visit to Alaska, I took the 3 day daily tour which pass by this scenic road drive. Everyday, I can see that the view surrounding the Turnagain Arm drive is different due to weather. In all weather, regardless whether it's rainy or sunny, you will get great view. During rainy day, you will see the beautiful clouds covering the top of the mountain. The road to this scenic view of Turnagain Arm is via Seward highway which link Anchorage to Gridwood in the south of Anchorage. By going south, we will pass by the Chugach mountains. The Cook Inlet is a huge body of water estimated to be four miles wide and was named after Captain James Cook who discovered it. When the tide is out, mudflats can be seen. Its dangerous to walk on mudflats as its far more dangerous than quicksand. Many signboards warning the visitors not to walk on the mudflats but there are still casualties yearly. The Turnagain Arm drive is about 80 kilometres along the Seward highway.

Beginning of Turnagain Arm road trip.

Clear skies.

Beluga Point on Turnagain Arm scenic drive. On certain days, you may view beluga whales. Not able to see any whale during my trip.

Raining at the mountain side.

Multiple mountains view.

There is rail track beside the Turnagain Arm scenic drive. I am not able to take railway trip as it ended earlier. The last railway trip was 14 Sep 2014.

Mudflats of Cook Inlet. Beware and don't walk on it.

Hanging glacier view.

Beautiful scenery!

Autumn is coming. Autumn foliage in Alaska is amazing as well.

Great mountain view.

GPS/Coordinate: 60.987088, -149.517146
Address: Seward Highway, Gulf of Alaska, Anchorage, Alaska.


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