Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tokyo to Los Angeles with great amenities on All Nippon Airways (ANA) economy class

Last week I took a flight by All Nippon Airways(ANA) from Tokyo to Los Angeles. Surprisingly the flight service, food and seat arrangement were great. I am quite impress with the amount of hot food that they served for economy class such as miso soup, green tea and the usual coffee/tea. In the flight, they also have a very good Kabosu cocktail. Its really refreshing and thirst quenching which is suitable for dry environment inside aircraft especially on a long journey flight. Another plus point of the flight is hot towel provided twice! The hot towel is very helpful on long haul flight in order to feel refreshed. The competition among the full service airlines are very stiff now as pricing competition and the need to differentiate the product in order to attract customer to book the airlines. The entry of many middle east airlines also set the bar higher with lower fares, new aircraft and better service. ANA also have service to enable passenger to pass thru immigration faster for those who have tight connecting flights.


Dinner meal

Flavoured rice crackers. Quite good flavoured rice crackers. The Aromatic Kabosu cocktail is impressive. Aromatic Kabosu is a cloudy, mildly sour lime juice from Oita Prefecture, Kyushu, in the south of Japan. It's very thirst quenching which is perfect for drinking in the dry environment of an airplane. Kabosu is the name of the lime taste so great when paired with honey sweetness to perfection.

Rubberise headphone. Good sound and prevent you from hearing aircraft noise.

Delicious and impressive meal by ANA. I like the idea that they provide one bottle of water. This lessen the cabin crew burden of providing water to the passengers. Its quite trouble some for the crew to pass the water especially before breakfast during the long haul flight.

Chicken thigh and chicken quenelle over steamed rice with vegetables. The rice is soft and taste very good.

Hot miso soup provided. Impressive with the amount of hot meal they provide.

Metal utensil. Nowadays most airlines already provide plastic utensil.

Japanese tofu.

Good soba noodles with wasabi and seaweed.

Haagen Dazs ice cream as dessert.

Yakult cultured drink.

Kurobe mineral water.

Hot green tea.

Chivas soda offered for free on economy class.

Breakfast meal

Breakfast set for flight Tokyo Narita to Los Angeles airport. Sockeye salmon flakes and various ingredients over steamed rice.

Inflight entertainment screen.

Seat configuration were good with 2, 2, 2 & 3. There are 4 seats in the middle which have a gap in between which makes it 2 X 2 seats.


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