Monday, February 16, 2009

Subang - Kerteh Via Firefly

This is my second time taking flight after my first flight two years ago for business purpose to Kuching. At that time, I took MAS to Kuching & return via AirAsia. Subang Airport is a very convenient airport as it is strategically located in the middle of Klang Valley and easily accessible via the highway network. The distance between the capital of Kuala Lumpur is just 20km compared to around 50-60km from KLIA. It is a right decision by the government to allow its operation. This airport however is not allowed to use jet engine aircraft because of the noise pollution as the surrounding is near to residential area. I honestly rate Firefly service and compareable to MAS. With new aircraft and comfortable leather seat plus free refreshment onboard, I would think it is a good option for domestic travel without the hassle to go to KLIA for such a short trip. In other words, you save fuel, time and avoid long queue too.

Interior of Subang Airport. The airport is currently under renovation under Skypark contractor.

Innovative idea of creating "stars" in the skies.

Wide and comfortable alley.

Brand new ATR 72-500 aircraft. Firefly currently have 5 new air crafts serving domestic and international flight to Thailand & Indonesia.

Look nearer...

Around Subang Airport. Eurocopter is a helicopter servicing company.

Top facilities.

Another operator in Subang Airport. Berjaya Air is serving to more luxurious kind of travel but they are still using old Fokker-50 aircraft.


Firefly departs from Terminal 3.

ATR 72-500 from another angle.

Anyone have any idea of what is this called?

Orange juice & muffin served.

Finally reached Kerteh Airport. Kerteh is actually situated in Terrengganu and it is home to many Petronas & Exxon mobil staff.

ATR look at night.


  1. just take a leave on that day. as simple as that. or chart your own flight/chopper to kerteh.



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