Friday, February 27, 2009

Subang - Penang Via Firefly

I am on duty trip to Penang today, this is what I see in both Subang Airport and Penang Airport...

Subang airport departure hall. Spacious...

Waiting for the time to board the plane.

view ATR 72-500 plane from departure hall.
Served coffee flavoured green bean biscuit (tau sa piah). I don't know that they served biscuit besides muffin.

ATR plane view from near.

The propeller is spinning. I can't see the propeller when it spins but this photo able to make it looks idle!

Finally, I reached Penang International Airport.

Penang International Airport cargo complex.

Inside Penang International Airport.

Firefly served muffin when I back to Subang.

Going Places magazine from Malaysia Airlines to pass my time in plane.


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