Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Taman Selera on Esplanade Beach - Luak Esplanade food court @ Miri, Sarawak

Esplanade Beach also known as Luak Esplanade has a great food court for seafood. The food here is cheap and taste fantastic. Fresh and tasty.

Taste:10/10(Excellent. I would rate the food here as very good. From delicious fried prawn to the good pork satay).
Price:7/10(Moderate & reasonable. The food should here only cost us RM50).

Fried prawn. So delicious.

Stir fry clam.

Pork satay. Tender meat and cheap.

Fried chicken wing. Marinated with special sauce plus with strong garlic taste.

Stir fry lettuce.

GPS/Coordinate: 4.317659, 113.961815


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