Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Incident when staying in Makati, Manila

Before I reached Makati, I heard a lot of bad publicity on the city of Manila itself. The Makati city is actually not bad in terms of working condition, shopping & lifestyle. However, when you are outside of it, the world seems to be changed. The imbalanced distribution on the national wealth, has lead to the huge gap in income between the rich & the poor. You can hardly see any middle income earner in the city. It would be either very rich or poor. Most of the people here blame the current condition to the dictator rule or Ferdinand Marcos and poor management of the previous administration. Can you imagine that Marcos wife have more than 2,700 pairs of luxury shoe collection. I wonder how on earth this person can be so greedy until letting their own people to suffer.

Manila was once ranked second in economic power in Asia after Japan during the World War 2, now slips to become among nation in poverty. During my stay there, the daily newspaper featured murder cases and bombing case on the first page. Scary though. In Makati itself, the security officer is located everywhere and each of them are equipped with shot gun. When going into shopping complex, each visitor will be checked against the metal detector and visual inspection on bag. Just because of some extremist/terrorist over here, means that everyone have to suffer the difficulties.

This bombing incident is just around 5km away. The bus exploded 4 killed while 14 injured. Some of my colleagues get phone call from their family on their concern on our safety.

The Philippine STAR. Dangerous to become car trader there. Several cases in one week.


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