Tuesday, September 13, 2011

High West Distillery & Saloon in Park City, Utah

I tried to look for things to do in Park City on our first day here. I found out from my online research that High West whiskey distillery located on the Main Street, does offers free whiskey making tour at 3pm & 4pm on daily basis. There is a guide who walk us thru the full process of whiskey making. All the machine here looks clean and new. At the end of the tour, there is a whiskey tasting session which cost USD18.

High West located on the Main Street.

Scenic barrels arrangement.

Start of the tour. This is their lab. Full of molecule formula on the board.

The fermenter. The proper rye/grain need to be fermented in the drum.

The grain which they used. It seems oat to me.

The distiller. It is used to separate the alcoholic content. Each component have its own boiling point.

Once the whiskey is done, it is kept in the oak barrel. This is to add flavouring to the whiskey.

High West room.

Whiskey which they produced.

Their collection of whiskey in their bar.

Me with the distillery.

Coordinate/GPS: 40.647051,-111.498475
703 Park Avenue
Park City, UT 84060.


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