Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Budget Kyoto Trip Itinerary - 5 Days 4 Night - Autumn season

Kyoto was once the capital city of Japan. With such as great long history, it has many shrines and temples around. It has become one of the Japan major tourist city. For those who like to view autumn foliage, Kyoto is the best place in the world to view that. During autumn, many parts of Kyoto has transformed into colourful surroundings. Do make sure you arrive here around November to December each year to have the best autumn foliage view. Kyoto however like many cities in Japan is not cheap. However, I have outline my trip with budget in mind. Below are the list of places that I covered during my visit to Kyoto and hope that you will find it useful.

Colourful and recognizable Fushimi Inari shrine.

Beautiful autumn foliage.

Geisha in sight...

Landmark of Kyoto.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night
Day 1 (Fri) 1. Arrival 7.15am at Kansai International Airport via MH52

2. Taking bus from Kansai International Airport to Kyoto

3. Check in at Backpacker's Hostel Tour Club
1. Lunch at Nakau

2. Higashi-Hongan-ji Temple. A short walk from Kyoto Station.

1. Fushimi Inari shrine

1. Dinner. Musashi sushi

2. Shijo shopping street

3. Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcade
Day 2 (Sat) 1. Breakfast at Nakau

2. Beautiful autumn foliage at Tofukuji temple
1. Gion - Geisha District of Kyoto

2. Yasaka Shrine

3. Maruyama Park

4. Lunch. Traditional Kyoto Tofu at Tousuiro Gion
1. Kiyomizudera temple

2. Yatsuhashi souvenir

3. Yatsuhashi cream puff (yam flavour)
1. Dinner. Oyako-Don of Hisago

2. Kodaiji temple autumn night illumination
Day 3 (Sun) 1. Kyoto station with rooftop garden
1. Arashiyama not just bamboo forest
1. Sunset view of Kinkakuji temple (Golden Pavilion) 1. Dinner. Soba dinner set at Polta food court, Kyoto Station

2. Night view of Kyoto station with Christmas feel.
Day 4 (Mon) 1. Breakfast. Beef rice at Nakau

2. Nanzenji temple

3. Eikando temple
1. Philosopher's path

2. Honen-in temple
1. Ginkakuji temple (Silver Pavilion)
1. Dinner. Rice sashimi don at Shin Kyogoku Shopping Arcade

2. Supper. Musashi sushi
Day 5 (Tue) 1. Travel to Osaka via train


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