Friday, September 30, 2011

New York Subway

New York subway is the best way to travel New York efficiently and cheap. The train is fast and comfortable. However, the stations is dirty, hot, smelly and if the train arrives, its like going to hit you! Fortunately the frequency of train is good. If not, you will be sweating like no body business. The subway is quite old. The first station was open in 1904. Although the subway is not the oldest in the world but the comfort level is lagged behind other older subway system such as London.

The subway system is a bit different compared to other subway system in the world. On the same track, they have different trains which stops at different stations. User should take proper care when taking the train by looking at the number, not just the colour line. Make sure that the destination station has the number of the train which you planning to take. This express and local train system is good for those people who want to just go straight to their destination without many stops. What makes New York subway even more confusing is the different schedule and stops during the weekend. So do always check the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) website if you were to travel via subway in New York during weekend. The subway station is only a few in the world which runs 24 hours. That's why it need to have scheduled maintenance especially during weekend.

Make sure you get this on the first day of your New York tour. Buy the one week unlimited subway ride if you stay more than 4 days in New York @ USD29. Each trip will cost USD2.50 if you don't use the unlimited ticket.

Iconic New York subway signboard.

Lets look at glimpse of the New York subway map. Its comprehensive and confusing for first timer. You can download full map via

Dark and hot down here. Sometimes there is urine or rubbery smell.

Sometimes the the stairs is located at a hidden area.

The turnstile.

As you can see, the train is medium size. Its crowded during peak hours. The train is comfortable enough.

Station status. Good.

Arrived to my destination. Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Details on New York City subway can be view at
Comprehensive map can be view at


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