Friday, September 30, 2011

The Bowery House @ New York

The Bowery house is a new budget hotel in the middle of Manhattan. The hotel location is good for the price that they offer. The hotel is within walking distance of 4 subway stations. You can also walk to the near by Chinatown in the morning if you hungry and you can spent your night time in little Italy, savouring good hot dogs, browsing through night market & people watching. The hotel opened just the at right time that I really need a cheap and good stay in New York. Initially, I only managed to find the cheapest single bedroom for USD130 per night with a proper location, clean and convenience. That was one and a half month before my stay in New York. I had booked the hotel but I still keep looking for cheaper alternative once in a while. Amazingly, 3 weeks before my stay in New York, I spotted this hotel. I do all my checking around the Net to find out more about this hotel. All the review seems favourable to this new hotel and I made my decision to book this hotel at USD75 (all in) per night and cancel my previous hotel booking.

I am aware that this is the smallest room that I ever stay in my life. The room size is just one queen size bed with a single bed inside. I barely have enough space to put my things so I have to put it on the floor (except food of course). But I won't mind as I am away most of the time. The room itself is just a cubicle without ceiling so that the air condition can get into your cubicle :-)

The bathroom is an art by itself. It is beautiful, clean & new. Overall seems like you were in an Italian bathroom. Good body wash, huge sink & powerful shower. But the bathroom is without door and its quite small. But that is ok.

WIFI access in this hotel is good and the staff is quite helpful.

Rating: 8/10. Recommended for backpackers and those who don't spend much time in the room. The greatest plus point is the price, cleanliness, location and with high speed wifi that I can call back home & update my status.
Price: Around USD75 per person per night. The price is really good for single room(cubicle) since the room price in New York is outrageously expensive!

My room in a mess.

That's the door. Believe me? Its one queen size bed size.

Very nice bathroom.

No ceiling.

All the cubicle.

Surroundings was dark.

A place to hangout, socialize and online.

Coordinate/GPS: 40.722006,-73.993545
220 Bowery
New York, NY 10012
Phone: 212.837.2373


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