Monday, October 10, 2011

30 Hours of Flight & Transit back to Kuala Lumpur on Virgin America & Malaysia Airlines

This is the longest journey for I ever had by air so far. From New York to Kuala Lumpur in two stops. My flight from New York to Los Angeles took 6 hours 40 minutes. I rest for 8 hours in Los Angeles before continuing my journey to Kuala Lumpur. The flight from Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur took me almost 22 hours with 1 hour 30 minutes stop in Taipei. Fortunately when I booked my flight from New York to Los Angeles I allow 8 hours connecting time before my next flight.

My worry comes true when my original flight from New York to Los Angeles by Virgin America was delayed for 6 hours. On that day, I am quite lucky to arrive at JFK Airport early enough to catch an earlier flight. So, I am actually arrived Los Angeles 1 hour earlier. I not sure whether I should be happy about this but, by having last minute check-in, I don't need to pay USD25 to check in my bag. Being an airline person, I actually quite worried about missing airline connection. If I were to miss my Los Angeles to Kuala Lumpur flight, I will have to wait two more days before the next flight. Malaysia Airlines only flies there 3 times weekly. It quite boring to stay two more days in Los Angeles :-P

Virgin America (Not much picture as they don't serve free meal. Only drinks!):

Good inflight entertainment but mostly need to pay.

I like to know my status of where am I currently.

Very nice cabin.

Can order food via the inflight dashboard.

Malaysia Airlines (I can't denied that this is better because its business class):

Malaysian Signature satay (charcoal grilled barbecue meat with spicy peanut sauce). They have selection of chicken or beef.

Supper starter set.

Very nice marinated scallop with salad.

Chicken beriani.

Breakfast hot bread.


Lunch set of wok fried chicken with rice.


  1. 30 hr in flight ! I think it would be one of the most tiresome journey ever . I can't figure out how would i pass such a long time in flight !



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