Thursday, October 27, 2011

Korean World Heritage Changdeokgung Palace @ Seoul

Changdeokgung also known as Changdeokgung Palace or Changdeok Palace is set within a large park in Jongno-gu, Seoul, South Korea. It is one of the "Five Grand Palaces" built by the kings of the Joseon Dynasty. It blends well with its natural surroundings and boasts outstanding examples of traditional palace architecture and garden design. As such, this cultural treasure was selected for the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997.

Changdeok Palace is called oen of the "Eastern Palace" because it lies east of Hangyang, capital city. It was first built to support the main compound, Gyeongbok Palace. Both were destroyed in the Japanese invasion (1592-1598), and Changdeok Palace was the first to be rebuilt immediately after the war, making it the king's primary residence until Gyeongdok Palace was rebuilt in the 19th century. There is rear garden boasts a gigantic tree that is over 300 years old, a small pond, and a pavilion.

The Palace is beautiful and I love the secret garden as it is a place to relax and breath some fresh air. Visit to the secret garden require extra payment. You cannot go to the secret garden alone. There will be a tour guide to explain the secret garden. You can choose your preferred language session which include English, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Nice colourful roof. This palace looks more well restored compared to other palaces.

Changdeokgung UNESCO World Heritage.

Huge gate. Donhwamun.

Inside Changdeokgung.

Another palace building. Injeong-jeon. The throne hall.

The roof design is detailed.

Small pavilion.

This scenery is colourful and classic.

Autumn colour changing.

Maple leaves.

Me at the palace pool and garden.

Admission fee: 3000 Won.
Integrated Admission:
- Admission to the Four Palaces (Changdeokgung Palaces (including Huwon, Secret Garden), Changgyeonggung Palace, Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbokgung Palace) and Jongmyo Shrine
- Ticket price: 10,000 won per person (Valid for 1 month after purchase)
Coordinate/GPS: 37.57863,126.990384
Address: Seoul-si Jongno-gu Yulgok-ro 99
Seoul Metro: Anguk Station (Subway Line 3), Exit 3.
Go straight for 5 minutes.


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