Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cafe Hoppe @ Amsterdam

This cafe were recommended by the walking tour guide and I were not disappointed. Its look like an very old restaurant and wood panelled Dutch pub. It even have sand on the floor. So traditional. The clientele seemed to be mainly Dutch people popping in after work. On my visit, I ordered Kroketten which is breaded deep fried filled with beef creamy paste which contain herbs and cheese. Kroketten were invented in 1800s as a way to use up the leftover stewed meat. Now its very popular snacks in Netherlands and even in McDonalds they have "McKroket" bun.

Taste:8/10(Good. I like the hot creamy paste which flow out from the fried breaded kroketten).
Price:4/10(Near expensive. Kroketten at EUR6.00 and hot chocolate at EUR2.00).

My cup of hot chocolate.

Kroketten with bread, shallot & mustard.


Hot creamy paste with cheese, beef and herbs.

Environment inside Cafe Hoppe.

This cafe even have outside section which visitor can have a view while having their drinks.

This is how the cafe look like from outside.

Address: Spui 18/20, 1012 XA Amsterdam.
Coordinate/GPS: 52.368812, 4.888652
Tram: Spui station on lane 1,2 or 5.


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