Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Cat Street @ Harajuku, Tokyo

Cat Street is the spiritual home of Tokyo’s vibrant street fashion culture. It is still the main conduit for funky dressed teens on shopping sprees in Tokyo. A winding road that traces the old Shibuya River, which stretches from either side of Omote-sando avenue. On the north side of Omote-sando is the heart of Ura-Harajuku, where many young designers have unique boutiques. On the south side is a pedestrian street that takes you to Shibuya in only 15 minutes.

In order to access Cat Street, you may stop by this Harajuku Yamanote line station.

So many people even on weekday.

Tokyu Plaza. Weird building with many mirrors.

Overlooking Omotesando street while crossing the head bridge to Cat Street.

Candy Show Time shop.

The staff are making candies.

Colourful and funky candies.

Pig Sty used clothing.

Castillo De Handa. Its a shop selling souvenirs.

Shops on Cat Street.

Coordinate/GPS: 35.667146,139.706428
Tokyo metro: Harajuku station (Yamanote line), Omotesando exit or Meiji-Jingumae (Chiyoda line), exit 4.


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