Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Windmill @ Zaanse Schans, Amsterdam

Zaanse Schans located in Zaandam, Netherlands has one of the best view of windmill in Netherlands. Some of the windmills are still functioning and are open to visitors.

Craftsman workshop.


Nice view of windmill.

There are a few cheese shop here where you can visit and try out their cheese samples. Really amazed with the cheese selection that they have. I am full trying out all their cheese samples :-)

Traditional Dutch wooden house.

Windmill from near. The weather is cloudy.

Inside windmill. Look at the huge gear.

I am up the windmill.

View from top of windmill.

Reached at the top. Must take a photo :-)

Lovely country side.

Herd of goats.

Zeilenmakerspad street

Traditional Dutch wooden shoes.

Remember. Bus 391.

Bus: Take Connexxion bus 391 from Amsterdam Central Station which has its terminus right beside the main entrance of the Zaanse Schans. The bus ride takes you there in around 40-45 minutes and the bus leaves every 30 minutes (in rush hours even more frequently). The bus link at Central Station is at the bus station at the east side of the main station entrance, at the bridge. The bus will stop just outside of Zaanse Schans where you can just walk in.
Coordinate: 52.473305,4.820981


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