Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Kuala Lumpur to London on Economy Class Malaysia Airlines A380

In total, the A380 aircraft will carry 494 passengers which are divided into three classes. First, Business and Economy where eight seats will be allocated for the First Class Cabins, 66 Business Class seats with flat bed seats and 420 Economy Seats. The main deck will hold 350 Economy seats and the upper deck will carry 70 Economy Seats which are located at the rear of the aircraft. Malaysia Airlines is the only carrier to offer direct nonstop services between UK and Malaysia with the flight time of 12 hours and 45 minutes. With two A380 serving this route with twice daily flight, it has the good capacity for travelling with good timing on MH2 and MH3. On MH2, you will be travelling midnight from Malaysia and reach London in the early morning while MH3 allows you to come back as soon as checking out from the hotel. While the MH1 and MH4 which is not so popular will give you higher chances of getting empty seat beside your seat for better sleeping position. The overall experience on the flight was good and the flight is stable throughout the journey. The number of toilet is good as well. The food is good and in my opinion, the best dish among all the food serve for this flight is the chicken beriani rice. The inflight entertainment is good as the device is still new with crisp sharp movies and documentary.

Welcoming video.

Aircraft prepare to take off. The live view is cool.

Huge wing span on the air.

Plenty of empty seats on the flight that I took. So my seat is comparable to business class :-)

Beef stew with broccoli and potatoes.

Chicken stew with pepper and potatoes.

Snack pack.

Chicken beriani rice.

The beriani rice is delicious. This meal is for coming back London to Kuala Lumpur.

Tuna lasagne with carrot. Taste a bit fishy but not that bad. This meal is for coming back London to Kuala Lumpur.

Spacious plane and its huge.

Looking for direction to underground tube train service.

Posing with London tube Heathrow terminal 4 signboard :-) Waiting to travel to London city centre using the cheapest option available - The Piccadilly line. The journey will takes around 40 minutes to Green Park.


  1. May i ask what do u do for a living? u seem to travel a lot and it seems to be really fun!

    1. I work as a system support. However, I allocate all my annual leave for travelling as I have cheap airline tickets and most of my travel are last minute. I also look for those public holidays where I can further lengthen my trip. Most of my trip are budget which includes stay in budget hotel and hostel. Anyway, its just for sleep and have bath. But when comes to food, I always look for those good and affordable ones.

  2. May I ask, how do u go around seoul that time? did u go alone and explore urself around? did u do really extensive research on going around seoul beforehand?

    1. Seoul is quite easy to navigate around as their MRT system is very convenient and comprehensive. You don't need really extensive research before going there. The main item that you should have is the station name, the exit and the attraction that you want to visit. The stations name are in English, so recognizing the correct station shouldn't be a problem.

  3. I think singapore is really easy to go around with the excellent MRTs that connect to almost ALL the places of interest... which country will be easy for me to go around with the fact that i can only speak english; hong kong, tokyo or seoul?

    1. If you worry about language barrier, I would suggest that you go to Hong Kong first. The people in Tokyo and Seoul can't speak English that well. I would suggest that you get your direction right before going to Seoul or Tokyo to avoid possibility being lost and problem of getting help on the direction/map.



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