Wednesday, July 31, 2013

London to Munich via British Airways (standby pax)

Being an airline staff you will enjoy the privileges of airline standby travel programme. The programme enable an airline staff to travel with any eligible airlines at a discounted rate. The downside of this benefit however is its on standby. Meaning if the flight have empty seats, you may get on board. Else you will need to wait for the next flights. The benefit is good to utilize during non-peak season and if you don't plan to bring many persons with you. So far being a solo traveller enable me to use this benefit with a high success rate to get on board. Chances of getting one empty seat during peak season is higher than two empty seats.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. I like the lemon & herb chicken salad wrap served on board. Its good. And the tomato juice with Worcestershire Sauce is also a plus point).

Standby for flight from London to Munich. Watched carefully of my flight status changes as if I don't get this flight, I need to wait for the next one. British airways computerise standby system is very convenient as whatever display here is final and the standby pax don't need to always go to the counters to check on their status.

Here they tell you everything about the standby staff travel and how to check on your status.

They give this lemon and herb chicken salad wrap. I ordered tomato juice this time as I saw them put Lea & Perrins into the tomato juice. Its proven that the tomato juice taste better with the sauce.

Its a two hours flight from London to Munich, Germany. So just sit down, relax and enjoy the meal.


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