Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Neuschwanstein Castle @ Fussen, Bavaria, Germany

Neuschwanstein Castle which is located in Fussen, Bavaria was initiated by King Ludwig II. The king also known as mad king Ludwig, swan king and fairy tale king. It is known that Ludwig paid for the palace out of his personal fortune and by means of extensive borrowing but not with Bavarian public funds. The journey to Neuschwanstein Castle took around 2 hours from Munich. This trip can easily become a day trip from Munich. The plan is to leave Munich at 9.00am or 10.00am and reach back Munich at 7.00pm. The entrance fee to enter the castle is EUR12.00. You will have 4 options of going for Neuschwanstein Castle from Munich:

1. Go on your own by buying Bayern train ticket which is valid from 9.00am until 3.00am the next day. It allows you to travel to anywhere within the state of Bavaria Germany. This is the cheapest option as it cost EUR 22.00 for first person. Subsequent person of up to 5 persons is only EUR4.00 each. From Munich, you will need to take train to Fussen. If you can't get any direct train, do consider to take Munich - Kaufbeuren and Kaufbeuren - Fussen. From Fussen station, you will then take a bus to the foothill of Alps Neuschwanstein castle.

2. Follow walking tour by Sandermans New Europe Munich tour. This option cost EUR35.00. You will still have to take the usual train from Munich to Fussen. The advantage is that you have a tour guide which will tell you the history behind Neuschwanstein castle and the guide will just bring you thru all the train and bus transfer. Plus they have a special arrangement with the bus company which means there is no queue and get straight to the bus as soon as you leave the train.

3. Follow walking tour by Radius Tour which has a counter located in Munich Central Train station (Hauptbahnhof) just across from platform 32-34. This option cost EUR39.00. I believe this option offers the same arrangement as Sandermans New Europe Munich Tour.

4. Driving via Autobahn.

I took the second option. The second option is the cheapest guided tour option available. You can just turn up at Starbucks Hauptbahnhof at 9.00am daily and meet up with Sandermans personal to purchase the tour ticket. Its very convenient as they will take care of all ticket purchase and arranging the transport plus story telling along the way to Fussen. When reached Fussen, there will be a bus which will drop you at the foot hill of Neuschwanstein castle. Please wear your most comfortable shoe as you will need to walk 30 minutes up to the hill.

Departing from Munich Hauptbahnhof station.

Great. Direct train to Fussen.

Bus 78 is ready to pick up passenger. For those who go on your own, you will need to queue for the bus.

On the way to the Neuschwanstein foothill.

Reached the foothill.

Direction and signboard is available. So you won't get lost here.

Can you see the castle from here?

Start our journey to walk up the hill. There are a few cafe at the foothill if you are hungry and need to stock up.

There is also accommodation in case you like to stay overnight here.

Hohenschwangau castle.

Me with Hohenschwangau castle in hot weather. Childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria.

Lake Alpsee. Its a beautiful lake.

Famous Bavarian flag pole.

Another restaurant at foothill.

Walking up...

Getting nearer to the castle.

Reached the top. Beautiful scenery.

Neuschwanstein castle.

Castle gatehouse.

Inside gatehouse.

Me with the castle.

A few shots around the castle.

Next stop would be to go to the bridge (Marienbrücke).

Scenery around the castle.

Lake Alpsee from top.

Hohenschwangau castle from top.

Me on Marienbrücke with Neuschwanstein castle.

The castle really located on top of the hill and deep in the jungle.

Better view of the castle.

Panorama view of Lake Alpsee.

For those who having problem to walk up hill, you may take the horse carriage service.

Going back down hill and bye bye. In order to arrive back to Munich at 7.00pm, you need to depart from Fussen at 5.00pm.

Coordinate/GPS: 47.557509,10.749573
Transport: Train from Munich hbf to Fussen.



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