Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Beautiful leather clothing at Lewis Leathers @ London, England

Lewis Leather which is the oldest British motorcycle clothing company produced the famous iconic leather jackets. Its famous due to selling high quality and uniquely styled classical motorcycle protective clothing. Most of the jacket here are made of cow hide while some custom order jackets are made in lamb leather. Lamb leather is softer by texture. Me personally does not like lamb leather as its deem too soft and not that effective for protection against the elements. Besides that, I am still in opinion, cow hide last longer.

Outside UK, Lewis leather is very popular in Japan & Taiwan market. In Japan they have countless of distributors. But the downside on to buy the jacket in Japanese market is the price is almost double of the price offered in London! So expensive. In Taiwan they have one very famous distributor which is The Thurs. The jacket selling point is that it looks cool and often associated with punk group, 59 Club in London, rock musicians and fashion icons which is great followers of youngster nowadays. The popular models of Lewis Leathers are Dominator, Lightning & Cyclone. Do visit them if you like leather jacket and happen to be at London as they produced the best quality leather jacket with a great style.

Amazing collection of stylish leather jacket.

The shop also have collection of both new and vintage jacket. Do check out for their special promotion section as they have jacket selling at half price just because of minor production defect on the jacket or jacket which is rejected by other customers.

The boots and the colourful jackets.

Outside Lewis Leather shop.

GPS/Coordinate: 51.519105,-0.133878
Public transport: The nearest station would be Goodge Street on Northern line London tube. Or you may stop at Tottenham Court Road on Central line London tube.
Address: 3-5 Whitfield Street, London W1T 2SA, United Kingdom.


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