Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Pike Place Market @ Seattle, Washington

Pike Place Market is a public market overlooking the Elliott Bay waterfront in Seattle, Washington, United States. The Market opened August 17, 1907, and is one of the oldest continuously operated public farmers' markets in the United States. It is a place of business for many small farmers, craftspeople and merchants. The market remains one of Seattle's most popular tourist destinations. There are a variety of unique shops such as antique dealers, comic book and collectible shops and small family-owned restaurants. Pike Place Market is home to nearly 500 residents who live in 8 different buildings throughout the Market. Most of these buildings have been low income housing in the past; however, some of them no longer are, such as the Livingston Baker apartments.

The famous Pike Place Market.

Bus stop to Pike Place Market.

Stall selling flowers in Pike Place Market.

Jumbo king crab.

This is the famous flying fish stall. The Pike Place Fish Market is best known for their habit of hurling customers' orders across the shopping area.

Many fresh seafood are available in the market.

Many food stall offering samples to the customers. Here I have some smoked salmon.

The Pike Place Market's unofficial bronze mascot, Rachel.

Rachel steps.

Spicy pepper jelly.

Loback Meatco.

Fruits. Cherries, berries, plum, figs, peaches and apples.

Many flavoured olive oil for dipping also available. I had some sample over here and I like the Balsamic vinegared oil.

Unique flavoured olive oil. Some are spicy hot, tomatoes, lime and garlic.

Unique fruits stall displaying hanging chillies.

Mexican folk art handicraft shop.

Pike Place chowder shop.

Pike Place magic shop.

Vintage looking Giant Shoe museum.

Old Seattle Paperworks.

At Old Seattle Paperworks, you can get paper superstar and famous person models. Here you can get Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson and Barack Obama.

Golden age collectables.

This salted caramel bourbon with goat milk taste is so strong.

Many truffles, sauce and dried spices on sale.

Truffle cream.

Neat display in one of the spice and condiments shop.

Drawing of Market Memories.

Donate to Pike Place Foundation. There are many low income residents who stay at the market area who need your help.

Address: 85 Pike St, Seattle, WA 98101.
Public transport: Bus no 49 (University District) at Pine St / 2nd Ave bus stop.
Website: pikeplacemarket.org


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