Sunday, October 20, 2013

Cruel history of Dachau concentration camp @ Germany

Dachau concentration camp is one of Germany’s first concentration camps in a small town of Dachau near Munich. The first 5,000 prisoners were political enemies of the Nazi regime. social, ethnic, and racial enemies were imprisoned as Dachau went on to become the only concentration camp to remain active during the entire Third Reich period (1933-1945).

The infamous Arbeit macht frei ("Freedom through work"). This gate bear witness to a regime of systematised murder, torture, degradation and exploitation.

Reached the concentration camp. The entrance is free of charge.

Buy the Munchen XXL day pass to reach here. It cost EUR7.80.

Propaganda is such a strong weapon used by Nazi.

The prisoners bed. Three storey bed and they need to cramp with each other.

This is how they maintain the prisoner records.

Pityful condition of the toilet.

This must be huge sink.

Christ chapel.

Jewish memorial.

The fence and the drain was to prevent the prisoner from escape.

This is the crematorium used to burn dead bodies. Horrible!

This was how the dead bodies was burned.

Going into the gas chamber. Terrible!

This is the cruel gas chamber. Prisoners were tricked into this room then the door were shut tight. Poisonous gas was released to kill all the prisoners. The room even have the ventilator to clear the room after each killing and have the sewerage system to drain the liquid from bodies.

This is disinfectant room to clean the prisoners before transferred to gas chamber.

This picture shown how was the process being done during world war II.

Sculpture for remembrance. So sad.

Me with the scupture.

Swear "Never Again".

GPS/Coordinate: 48.266341,11.469892
Address: Alte Römerstraße 75
85221 Dachau, Germany
Public transport: Munich S-Bahn Dachau station on S2 line.


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