Saturday, May 3, 2014

Varieties of Food carts @ Portland, Oregon

Portland’s food-cart scene is legendary. Its cheap and good. The flavorful proliferation has drawn raves from Bon Appétit magazine and CNN (which declared Portland home to the world’s best street food).

Unlike other cities’ mobile food trucks, most Portland carts stay put in groups dubbed “pods,” making it a snap to sample several at a time. You’ll also find smaller groups and individual carts scattered around the city. Food carts provide excellent value (typically priced below $10) and an amazing variety of foods. Prepare to wait several minutes as most food is prepared fresh.

Vietnamese food and vegetarian.
Located at SW 3rd and Stark Parking Lot.
GPS/Coordinate: 45.520075, -122.674467

More food carts at SW 3rd.

koi Fusion. They serve Korean tacos and burrito. I tried them for dinner and taste wise its good, filling and cheap. Their burrito cost me USD7.50.
Located at N Skidmore and Mississippi, Mississippi Marketplace.
GPS/Coordinate: 45.554463, -122.675949

My burrito from Koi Fusion. Rice and beef. Good.

For full listing of food carts in Portland please visit this website.


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