Thursday, April 2, 2015

Beautiful Istanbul scenery from Bosphorus Cruise @ Istanbul, Turkey

The Bosphorus connects the Black sea to the Marmara sea. The length is around 30 kilometres. By taking the Bosphorus cruise, you can enjoy the beautiful scenery of Istanbul on both sides of Asian and European side. On European side, you can have the view of beautiful waterside residences. The Bosphorus is the unique strategic waterway which connects the two continents Europe and Asia, so it is a bridge between European and Asian Sides that makes Istanbul unique.

Hill and waterside residences.

The boat that I took on Bosphorus cruise.

Large boat which you can walk around the boat to take photos.

A mosque at Golden Horn.

Encounter many seagulls during the Bosphorus cruise.

View of Palace of Beylerbeyi on the shore of the Bosphorus. This is perhaps the most elegant of the late Ottoman palaces.

Cruise passing the Bosphorus bridge. This bridge connects European and Asian side of Istanbul. On Asian side, this bridge can bring you to Camlica Hill which offer great panorama view of Istanbul.

European style building.

Residences of the rich with private boats.

Affluent Bebek neighbourhood. Bebek is one of the nicest parts of İstanbul on European side.

View of the Rumeli Fortress.

European side of the bridge. Below the bridge is Palace of Beylerbeyi.

Everyone on the cruise busy taking pictures.


View of The Bosphorus.

Modern European style building located waterside of The Bosphorus.

Beautiful waterside mosque.

Crusing on The Bosphorus.

GPS/Coordinate: 41.017489, 28.973203
Public transport: Istanbul tram Eminonu station.


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