Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ramen Nagi Niboshi Golden-gai @ Shinjuku, Tokyo

This Nagi ramen shop located at quiet Golden Gai street in Shinjuku. The area famed with old school bar district and seems deserted when I visit it on sunday. The ramen shop located on the second floor of an old wooden house. The smell of the sardine broth is so strong even you can smell it from ground floor. The stairs going up the shop is so narrow and cramped. The speciality in Nagi ramen shop is their thick sardine broth which they claimed boiled for 12 hours. The taste is distinctive and boldly flavoured sardine soup. Nagi is open for 24 hours a day.

Taste:9/10(Delicious. I ordered their regular Nagi ramen without seaweed, egg and bamboo shoots. The broth is thick and pungent sardine taste. The noodles is a mixture of broad and thin noodles. The broad noodles is something different as its soft and smooth. The pork slice were great as it was done medium rare and the taste were so good).
Price:7/10(Moderate. The niboshi ramen that I ordered cost 820 Yen per bowl).

Nagi ramen with some anchovies spicy sauce. See the broad noodles which is different from other shop. The great thing about ramen is you get a variety of taste from shop to shop and not just limited to pork based broth. The topping and the noodles offered are different as well.

The pork slice/char siew taste so good as it was done medium rare.

Mixture of broad noodles and thin noodles. The soup is dark brown, thick and strong sardine flavour.

This is the ramen shop. Located in quiet Golden Gai. They won an award in year 2013.

Quiet Golden Gai.

This is the ramen shop. During busy day, many will queue at the small alley on the right while waiting to be called.

Narrow stairs going up.

The place only have around 10-12 seats. So its a bit small and cramped.

The shop only have counter seating. You can see them prepare your ramen.


If you have problem locating Golden Gai, this is the signboard to look out for when you are from Kabukicho. Shinjuku Bunka center.

GPS/Coordinate: 35.693762, 139.704519
Address: 2F, Shinjuku Golden Gai (G2 Street), 1-1-10 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Opening hours: 24 hours daily / Closed 3rd Sunday
Public transport: Shinjuku Station (Yamanote, Chuo, Shonan-Shinjuku lines, etc.), Shinjuku-Sanchome Station (Marunouchi, Shinjuku, Fukutoshin lines)


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