Thursday, September 24, 2015

Famous New York burger - Shake Shack @ Grand Central Terminal, New York

Shake Shack established in 2004 in New York, now is quite a popular burger joint especially in New York. Started as food cart inside Madison Square Park and now they have 66 branches all over the world. Do watch out for this brand as they are expanding very fast and their cheese burgers often consistently well reviewed. Their burger quality is even better than In-N-Out and McDonalds. Shake Shack also famous for their milk shakes and that's why there are "shake" on the brand name.

Taste:8/10(Good. The burger meat is tender and flavourful. The cheese were melt in your mouth kind of feeling. The burger was cooked medium rare by default unless otherwise requested).
Price:7/10(Moderate. The burger pricing at USD5.19 is reasonable in New York).

Shake Shack has the largest crowd from all the food shop in lower level dining concourse of Grand Central Terminal.

Fast casual option. The service were fast and they have variety in their menu. They even have beer, wine, milk shakes and hot dog in their menu.

I can still walk around while waiting for my burger to ready.

Shake Shack cheese burger. Their burger is claimed to be made from 100% all natural Angus beef. No hormones and antibiotics.

Shake Shack.

Enjoying beautiful Grand Central Terminal after the meal.

GPS/Coordinate: 40.752556, -73.977146
Address: Lower Level Dining Concourse, 49 Grand Central Terminal, New York, NY 10017, United States
Public transport: Grand Central Terminal subway station.


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