Friday, May 30, 2008

Fragrant coffee buns at Rotiboy Bakery@KLCC

I like rotiboy bread especially the coffee plus sweet butter bun. Although I seldom drink coffee, I like the bun very much as the combination of coffee and butter is amazing. Rotiboy have a creative tagline "One is never enough... buns to die for!" The KLCC branch business is good as the queue were never ending. Now there are many versions/copy cat of the coffee bun such as Papa Roti, Roti Mama & Baker's boy but they are still not up the the Rotiboy standard.

Taste: 9/10(Among the tastiest bread I ever eat! Best served hot. Quite addictive and surely one is not enough! A bit oily).
Price: 6/10(moderate - priced at RM1.50 per bun is a bit high compared to normal bun. But the taste make up for that price).

Rotiboy bun before in oven.

Yummy bread.

Signature paper bag with its tagline.


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