Friday, July 25, 2014

Budget Paris Trip Itinerary - 6 Days 5 Nights - Spring season

It has been a while since my trip to Paris during spring of 2012. There has been a few request from the readers on my full itinerary of my Paris trip. Hope that the table below are able to help those who would like to explore Paris in the near future. Paris is a wonderful place to go and explore as its full of culture, history, shopping and fashion. If you like to travel Paris budget style but not compromise on quality, please find my trip itinerary below. Hope that you will find it useful.

Paris is not just about Eiffel Tower. It has more waiting for you to explore!

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night
Day 1 (Thur) 1. Arrival 6.40am at Charles de Gaulle Airport via MH20

2. Check in at Neptune Hotel
1. Sundemans Paris free tour. 1. Champ de Elysee

2. Lamborghini test drive

3. Tea time. French baguette. Brioche Doree cafe

4. Arc de Triomphe

5. Le Marias
1. Dinner. L’As du Fallafel

2. Chocolate shop. Maison Georges Larnicol

3. Visiting Carrefour for breakfast stock
Day 2 (Fri) 1. Versailles Palace – Main building 1. Versailles Palace – The gardens 1. Versailles Palace - Marie Antoinette’s estate 1. Musee du Louvre – World largest art gallery and to view Mona Lisa.

2. Dinner. Le George V cafe for escargot
Day 3 (Sat) 1. Breakfast – Tang Gourmet

2. Montmatre - Sacre Coeur
1. Montmatre funicular ride

2. Bersih event in Paris
1. Notre Dame Cathedral 1. Dinner. Le Jean Bart for sliced duck

2. Eiffel Tower at night
Day 4 (Sun) 1. Fontainebleau Palace 1. Musee d’Orsay for Impressionist masterpieces 1. Dinner. Leon De Bruxelles for French style mussel
Day 5 (Mon) 1. Pete Lachaise cemetery. Burial place for famous people. 1. Lunch. Obododo cafe for pork rib with honey sauce

2. Galeries Lafayette shopping centre
1. Sainte Chapelle church 1. Dinner. Dudule Restaurant
Day 6 (Tue) 1. Breakfast. Boulanger Patissier for goat milk quiche

2. Travel to Amsterdam by Thalys train


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