Thursday, January 17, 2008

From Old To New

After months of hardwork, testing, development & debugging, we finally able to soft launch the new corporate web site together with online booking engine to the public. As the key technical person to provide vendor with all the neccessary information, the new look of the website may catch the attention of the public and to provide customers with another channel to buy cruise. Before this, customers will have to go thru travel agents or local offices to purchase cruise. In this phase however, there are still a lot to be done in order to provide better service to the public. Eg: passenger can't make any amendment once booking committed. Any amendment, passenger will have to go thru our call center. This system will be enhanced in the second phase which scheduled to be completed around April this year. After 15 years in service, I think it is quite late to have the public online booking. Anyway, better than never. Gambateh.

Old corporate website
New web site with online booking.


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