Friday, May 23, 2008

Fatty House Mee Hoon Kuih @ Taman Berkeley, Klang

The mee hoon kuih are hand made and cooked in anchovies stock. Vegetables, pork slices, liver and eggs are added according to customer's preference. Be prepared to wait for your mee hoon kuih as customer come to this shop in a never-ending stream. They also sell the uncooked noodle dough and stock which is conveinent for those who don't have time to prepare the dough themselves. However, my version of mee hoon kuih is still the best ;-) . Another specialty here is the barley plus cincau drink which is unusual but a perfect combination. Located in Lebuh Bangau of Taman Berkeley, Klang.

Taste: 8/10(The soup is sweet and tasty. The mee hoon kuih is springy and thin. Each bowl of mee hoon kuih is prepared in a small pot separately.)
Price: 8/10(cheap. Large bowl with egg is priced at RM3.70).

This is how the shop look like.

Barley cincau campur.

The mee hoon kuih with fried anchovies.


  1. The mee hoon kuih looks nice.. try adding an egg the next time.

  2. Wah, on an eating-binge is it? So many different restaurants in a short time.

    I really like pan mee - one of my top favourite. But I only liked the original type - simple clear soup with anchovies, mushroom, black fungus, and most important - the potato leaves! I haven't tried this restaurant yet, and it looks nice, but too bad it failed my own criteria already. Even though it might be nice, it already "kurang" a bit already in my opinion.

  3. Oh yeah, forgot to mention. Quite a coincidence huh - cos this place was just mentioned on (1 day 5 meals) on Astro just recently, then now I see it on your blog.

  4. ck lam, every person have different ways of eating mee hoon kuih.

    jonoave, many eating show have recommended this restaurant before. I get to know this shop from friend then try it. For me no outside pan mee that can better than the home-made version.



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