Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sicko Movie

Sicko is a documentary that look at health care in the United States as provided by profit-oriented health maintenance organizations (HMOs) compared to free, universal care in Canada, the U.K., and France. Moore contrasts U.S. media reports on Canadian care with the experiences of Canadians in hospitals and clinics there. He interviews patients and doctors in the U.K. about cost, quality, and salaries. He examines why Nixon promoted HMOs in 1971, and why the Clintons' reform effort failed in the 1990s. He talks to U.S. ex-pats in Paris about French services, and he takes three 9/11 clean-up volunteers, who developed respiratory problems, to Cuba for care.
In this movie, Moore exposed some of the tactics that is used by insurance companies to denial claims and doctors being paid more(some sort of commission) if they are able to denial insurance claims in United States.
A quick check on the world health system ranking, Malaysia is at 49 compared to France at number one, Singapore at 6, Thailand at 47 and US at 37.
World Health System

My rating for this movie: 8/10 (give you an alternative view on what is happening in the world where rat race is on.)


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