Monday, July 30, 2012

Shinjuku at night

Shinjuku at night is a neon light district. This is where all the huge commercial building are in Tokyo. The sight is amazing and it is also known as "Times Square" of Asia. Besides commercial buildings and government buildings, Shinjuku also full with entertainment outlet, red light district, established restaurants, electronics super store and shopping. For shopping freak, you can find variety of latest fashion and high quality food stuff around Isetan & Keio. Shinjuku also have a huge Tokyu Hands outlet which sells many creative & innovative products for daily usage.

Red light district of Tokyo (Kabukichō).

Neon light street. Their advertisement are amazing. Huge, bright colour and with music/announcement.

Shinjuku main street.

Another Labi electronics outlet. This outlet is huge and has "Times Square" style billboard display.

Tokyo metro: Shinjuku-Sanchome station on Marunouchi or Fukutoshin line.
Coordinate: 35.693822,139.70101


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